Skincare 4 Skincare Items You Need After Pajamas Party


4 Skincare Items You Need After Pajamas Party

01 January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR, GIRLS! We at Emina Cosmetics hope that you had an amazing time in 2017. We’re glad that we’re finally going to fill in our Beauty Journal starting today. Please continue to support us and give us more love in 2018 as well!

Now, if you just got home after an overnight pajamas party with your girl gang, treat your skin right starting from the beginning of 2018 with these four skincare items!

  1. Dirt-less In Sight Makeup Remover

Pajamas party usually becomes a moment to play with makeup with each other. Make sure that you get rid of any makeup before you sleep. But, in case you miss some spots before you sleep, use it to remove the remaining makeup (if there’s any!). Don’t worry, this makeup remover is made with mild formula (and love), so it won’t make your skin feels dry or flaky even if you use it daily.

2. Dot Burst Face Wash

Start your morning with clean face. After you use the remover, clean your face with Dot Burst Face Wash which contains gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin, oil, and dust or bacteria on your face. Dot Burst Face Wash is great for those who have dry and/or sensitive skin since it has neither fragrance nor added color.

3. Green Tea Latte Face Mask

After spending a night with your girl gang, you deserve your own “me-time” with a soothing and relaxing face mask. Well, who doesn’t love face mask? It’s an all-in-one skincare product that takes care of our skin like no other. For soothing and relaxing, we recommend our Green Tea Latte Face Mask that gives you amazing aromatherapy and a perfect combination of milk and green tea. Supple and smooth skin guaranteed!

4. Moist In A Bottle Face Moisturizer

Of course a skincare routine won’t complete without giving your skin the hydration it needs. Say bye to dry skin in 2018 because Moist In A Bottle will give your skin the much needed nutrition. Psst, don’t forget to put some sunscreen too!

Let’s embrace 2018 with bigger love, dreams, and smile!

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