What's fresh Start Your 2018 with These Products from Emina!

What's fresh

Start Your 2018 with These Products from Emina!

12 January 2018

2018 has just started. Keep the burning spirit by treating yourself with magic products from Emina! Here are our top 5 picks to treat yourself right in the beginning of 2018.

1. Body Sorbet

Do you enjoy eating sorbet? With sorbet, we can really feel the cool sensation, the freshness, and the sweetness all in one bite. That’s exactly what Emina wants for you to feel! Give nutrition while moisturizing with Emina’s Body Sorbet. With three flavors; kiwi, pineapple, and watermelon, this body sorbet will definitely make your skin feel refreshed!


2. Apricot Face Scrub

Want clearer skin for 2018? Well, take notes, girls! Aside from washing your face, don’t forget to exfoliate regularly with gentle face scrub.Don’t be fooled by its sweet aroma, this face scrub can get rid of dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cell in a go.


3. Cheeklit Cream Blush

If you read our previous article about the biggest beauty trends in 2018, you see that blush is getting a major moment. Give your face its natural glow and rosy blush with Emina’s Cheeklit Cream Blush. The product works like magic! How so? It adjusts with your body temperature, so it will give you the best color on your skin. So, don’t worry about being too red with this one!


4. Soulmatte'

Since matte lipsticks have been getting attention since 2015, we are now used to matte lips look. So, it’s only right to treat yourself with more matte lipsticks! With 6 lovable colors; Enchantress, Unicorn, Fairy Fantasy, Love Spell, Feathers, Red Queen, you have endless options for a week. What a treat!


5. Body Scrub

The skin on your body needs love too! Spoil your body with Emina’s body scrub to keep it moist and soft. Continue with Emina’s Body Sorbet for maximum effect!


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