Grape Seed Olive
Grape Seed Olive

Grape Seed Olive

Face Mask

IDR 39,500

Rejuvenate your face with Emina Grape Seed Olive Face Mask, a peel-off mask with nutritious active ingredients like hydrogel and olive oil as moisturizer, grape seed extract and Vitamin E as antioxidant, plus Allantoin as anti-irritant to tighten and moisturize your skin. Easy to apply and to peel-off, its also gives protection from bad free radicals.

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11 March 2019

Peel Mask

Pertama kali coba peel mask, awalnya pas diaplikasiin kyak ada rasa cekit" gitu 😂 tp setelah nya ga ada lagi. Suka sihh setelah dipake rasanya kenyal banget 😍😍

3 / 5

9 March 2019



3 / 5
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