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Got Yellow Nails ? We Know The Solution!

14 June 2018

We got 99 problems, but bad nails won’t be one !

If you love painting your nails with nail polish, you may encounter this problem. Suddenly you realize that your nails are changing its color. It used to be pearly white, but what happened? It’s because… none other than your choice of nail polish!

Turns out, the pigment of nail polish can stay in your nails. Darker and richer colors such as red, black, purple, and brown have stronger pigment and may cause your nails to change its color.

But, what if you love those dark and rich colors?

One way to slow down the discoloration is to always paint clear coat of nail polish before the process of painting your nails. The clear coat will protect the nail polish from directly touching your nails.

Too much hassle? Don’t have much time? We have another solution. Change your nail polish!

Find a product that doesn’t have harmful chemical ingredients. For nail polish, avoid using a nail polish that contains formaldehyde and toluene.

Some nail polishes are even equipped with breathable formula. What does “breathable” even mean? Like its name indicates, breathable formula allows your nails to breathe.

Like our Emina Nail Polish! The particles in the nail polish are not as tight as other nail polishes because it’s water based.

On top of that, Emina Nail Polish has a wide range of pretty pastel and muted colors.

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