Meet our newest pal from nature, introducing to you Natura Pal Series! For a natural glowing and supple skin #PalFromNature

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Psst.. something natural has just arrived!

Let’s get to know each other better! Introducing to you, Natura Pal as our super kind #PalFromNature! This new bestie has the ingredients and packaging that benefits for both of us and the nature.

Gel Cleanser, Toner Essence, Splash Serum, and Gel Moisturizer in Natura Pal series are made out of 100% Natural Pea Extract and Triple Protection+. A special formulation of nature’s goodness can help us take care of our skin barrier, moisturized, and protect our skin from free radical caused by pollution and dust.

Natura Pal also makes us aware to contribute for preserving the nature. That’s why Natura Pal packaging is environmentally-friendly with natural ingredients, low plastic, and 100% recycle-able. How cool is that!

So, are you ready to have naturally-glowing supple skin while taking care of the environment with Natura Pal Series, bestie?



Let's start your skincare routine with cleansing gel enriched with Pea Extract & Triple Protection!



Use toner essence with Pea Extract and pH Balanced formula to moisturize your face all day!



Our splash serum enriched with nutrition to take care of your skin to stay healthy and glowing.



Moisturised your skin with light gel texture to lock your hydration for a glowing and supple skin.


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Curious about the Natura Pal ingredients and packaging that are environmentally friendly? Click here


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Did you know that you can have a glowing face, but at the same time, you can care for the environment as well? Let’s #PakaiSampaiHabis and register your empties so Emina can recycle it with Lyfe With Less. Collect your Emina empties as many as you can, and win special rewards and gifts for lucky winners!



What’s inside Natura Pal Series?
  1. 100% Natural Pea Extract
    It’s not an ordinary pea, Bestie! It comes from a Winter Pea that has higher antioxidant compare to an ordinary pea. It is also exclusively extracted and purified to help maintain your supple skin.

    Natural Pea Extract is vegan friendly and cruelty free, so there’s no animal gene involved in this ingredient. It's also already meet the ECOCERT standard for Natural & Organic Cosmetics, Bestie! How cool is that?
  2. Triple Protection
    The Natural Pea Extract ingredients works as a powerful antioxidant that can help neutralize free radicals and reduce fine particles that attached to your skin. So your skin will be protected from pollution. Worry free!
Why we use Pea?

Bestie, the environment condition nowadays with lots of free radicals can affect badly to your skin health. Therefore, you need to improve your skin protection to reduce the effect of the free radicals.

How? One of the way is to use natural skin care product that contains antioxidant that is good for your skin. That’s why Emina use pea extract, which is a natural ingredient and can be easily found around us. So why not using it? Besides, it also has benefit to keep free radical away from our skin!

What is inside Triple Protection+?

Emina Natura Pal Series contains Triple Protection+ to fight the bad effect from the free radicals, like pollution, dust, and dirt that attached to your skin (micro smooth particles). Let’s find out the ingredients of the Triple Protection+:

  1. Allantoin: works as an anti irritant/reduce redness on your face, that makes Natura Pal series will be suitable for every skin type
  2. Glycerin: works to give extra moisturizer for your skin
  3. Raykami & Vitamin B3: as an anti oxidant and anti pollution to protect your skin barrier

So, what is Raykami? It’s a plant flower that called Artemisia Capillaris, an endemic plant in Honshu Island, Japan. Raykami is rich in antioxidant. It is able to maintain skin elasticity, and help reduce dull skin and uneven skin tone. No need to worry for any dull skin no more! You can find Raykami in Natura Pal Gel Cleanser, Splash Serum, and Gel Moisturizer. 

For Vitamin B3, it enables to protect your skin from free radicals like pollution, dust, and dirt, and maintain the hydration to protect your skin barrier. Vitamin B3 applies in Natura Pal Toner Essence, Splash Serum, and Gel Moisturizer. Curious? Try it now, hassle no more!

What is the characteristic of Emina Natura Pal series packaging?

Bestie, did you know that Natura Pal series are packaged with special packaging characteristics? These are some interesting facts that you definitely want to know!

  1. 10% less plastic
    Do you know that plastic is one of the hardest material to decompose? Emina managed to reduce the plastic ingredients in Natura Pal Series 10% fewer compares to other Emina packaging. Reducing plastic in Natura Pal Moisturizer as much as 0,63 gram and Natura Pal Facial Wash for 1,39% grams. Yaiy, small steps does matter! 
  2. 100% recycleable
    Emina make sure that Natura Pal series packaging is 100% recyclable into other things. So the packaging waste can be reused! The waste management and recycle will be done in PT Paragon Technology Innovation facility and our other external parties. The ingredients to create Natura Pal packaging consist of LDPE, PP, HDPE, and PET.
  3. Water-based Ink for Secondary Packaging/Product Boxes
    Do you know that Natura Pal series packaging use a water-based ink? Water-based ink is an ink made by suspending 100% biodegradable pigment in water.This ink is more environmentally friendly compare to plastisol-based ink because it does not contain toxic chemicals and comes from natural ingredients. No PVC and flalat.

    You can find boxes with water-based ink on Natura Pal Serum and Natura Pal Moisturiser boxes.
  4. Soy Ink
    Another interesting fact from Natura Pal Toner, is the sticker ink is made from soy ink! Which means, its made from soy beans, Bestie! Soy ink is more environmentally friendly compared to the old traditional oil-based ink. Ink with natural base ingredients is easier to recycle. Therefore, this ink creates less or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) that pollutes the air.
  5. FSC Paper
    The packaging box is environmentally friendly, bestie! The Natura Pal Serum and Natura Pal Moisturizer secondary box is made from environmentally friendly paper that has the FSC Certification, which means it comes from the sustainably managed forest. Wow!
What are the benefit of Pea?

Bestie, did you know that peas have a lot of benefits. Not only benefiting your body, but it also have a lot of benefits for your skin!
Check out the following explanation:

1. P for Plant!
Did you know that Peas are widely produced and consumed because it has lots of benefits, Bestie? Take a look at these points:
- Its rich in protein, one of the healthy food needs for your body
- Its the source of complex carbohydrate, rich in fiber and slowly digested by your body so that it quickly fills you up.
- It contains many vitamins that really important for your body! Vitamin A which beneficial for your eyes and skin, vitamin C as one of the natural antioxidant in our skin, and vitamin K which maintain the blood health and wound healing process.

So, what is the benefit for our skin then?

2. Powerful Pea for Healthy Skin!
Turns out that Pea has a lot of type of Vitamin B that beneficial for your skin:
- Vitamin B2/Riboflavin in peas works as antioxidant that help boost immunity, as well as the skin and hair health.
- Vitamin B3/Niacinimide in peas help to maintain healthy skin cell, prevent extrinsic aging, when consumed or smeared in any kinds of product on your skin.
Wow, isnt it wonderful, turns out the small thing that we see everyday can be very useful for us! What do you think, Bestie? Try it now, for a protected, healthy glowing skin!

So, how does Peas and Raykami work together in a skincare?

Did you know that the antioxidant in peas are working as the support for producing natural antioxidant from your skin? So the skin stays supple, have smooth skin texture, and fresh even though its being exposed to many pollution. While on the other hand, Raykami also works as the antioxidant but it also helps delay the extrinsic aging process, which the effect of being exposed daily by pollution.

See, turns out that Natura Pal has a many support for producing antioxidant ya! Aren't you guys excited to try it now? I know we are, for a glowing, healthy, protected and supple skin!

What kind of skin type that will be suitable to use Natura Pal?

The answer is, all skin type! The formula is specifically designated as hypoallergenic products, so it can be used for every skin type. So, let Mina share some suggestion for several skin types:

1. Acne Skin Type
Besides using Natura Pal, you can add acne/spot treatment gel from Ms. Pimple series, bestie! This is useful to treat your acne. Don’t forget to try the product on the back of your ear skin, this is useful whenever you want to try new skincare

2. Oily & Dry Skin Type
Based on the texture, Natura Pal definitely become the most favourite product for oily-skin. It has light and gel texture! But always followed by double cleansing daily with Micellar Water and Face Wash. If you want to focus on the brightening, you can use the Bright Stuff Micellar Water & Natura Pal Face Wash, or you can also use Skin Buddy Micellar Water & Natura Pal Face Wash. Any combinations is possible, as long as you match it with your skin type.

3. Breakout Skin Type
Same with acne skin type, don’t forget to add acne/spot gel treatment! Or you can use exfoliator on a weekly basis, like Face Scrub. Please try on the back of your ear skin everytime you try new product.

Happy trying!

What are the upcoming activity will Emina do to educate about sustainability?

Of course, Emina will have lots of fun educational activities about sustainability. Aren't you excited? We know we are!

  1. School to School Education: Emina will be educating about the benefit and the importance of sustainability to Junior High and High School students through fun activities at school.
  2. Nature Talk: Together with Lyfe With Less, Emina will create interactive and interesting content and live streaming to educate and invite all of you on how to adapt in the sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Webinar: Emina also have educative and fun webinar about sustainable lifestyle! You can ask directly to the sustainable lifestyle practitioner about how to take part in protecting the earth. Really cant wait!
What if I want to Drop My Empties?

It’s easy! Let’s do these steps:
1. Bring your cleaned empties to several Emina Playground stores that has Beauty Bin, make sure there’s no residue or remaining liquid inside the empties.
2. Put your Emina empties to the Beauty Bin in the stores. Please don’t be worry, because there will be Emina Girl ready to help you at the store!
3. Don’t forget to scan the QR code on the Beauty Bin to register yourself. Who knows, you could be the one who wins special prize from Emina! The lucky bestie who collected most waste, will get special prize from Emina!

Where are the Emina’s stores location that provides Beauty Bin?

You can drop your empties to several Emina Playground store here:
1. Emina Playground Bandung Indah Plaza (Bandung)
2. Emina Playground Kota Kasablanka (Jakarta)
3. Emina Playground Gandaria City (Jakarta)
4. Emina Playground Malang Town Square (Malang)
5. Makeuppucino Bandung, Jl.Bengawan No.15 (Bandung) 
6. Parastore Ciwalk, LG Floor (Bandung)
7. Toko Jelita, Jl. Pengampon No.29, Bongkaran (Surabaya) 
8. Mitufaya, Jl. Bukirsari, Taman Bukirsari Estate Ruko B (Malang) 
9. Aster, Jl. Agus Salim No.44 (Malang) 
10. My Pinky Pekanbaru, Jl. Kaharuddin Nst No.5, Simpang Tiga (Pekanbaru) 
11. Daily Beauty, Jl Taman Krida No.2 (Semarang) 
12. THR Shop Galaxy, Boulevard Blok AE No. 233 (Bekasi) 
13. THR Shop Tambun, Jl. Bumi Lestari Raya No.4 (Bekasi)
14. Watsons Trans Studio Mall Bandung 
15. Watsons New Pakuwon Mall Surabaya 
16. Watsons Ayani Megamall Pontianak 
17. Watsons Mal Panukakang Makassar 
18. Watson Solo Paragon Lifestyle 
19. Watson Big Mall Samarinda 
20. Watson Plaza Medan Fair 
21. Watson Mall SKA Pekanbaru 
22. Watson DP Mall Semarang 
23. Watson Plaza Pondok Gede Bekasi 
24. Makeuppucino Bogor, Jl. Achmad Sobana No.10 (Bogor) 
25. Guardian Summarecon Mall Bekasi 
26. Guardian Grand Indonesia Jakarta 
27. Guardian Pondok Indah Mall 3 Jakarta  
28. Guardian Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta 
29. Guardian Central Park Jakarta 
30. Guardian AEON BSD 
31. Guardian Bintaro Exchange Mall 
32. Guardian Trans Studio Mall Bandung 
33. Guardian Tunjungan Plaza 6 Surabaya 
34. Kotty Peynayong Aceh, Jl. Sri Ratu Syafiatuddin No.14-16 (Aceh)
35. Kotty Pasar Aceh, Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan No.85 (Aceh)
36. Kamala Beauty Mart, Jl. Jl. Tanjung Raya II (Pontianak)
37. Yeppa Cosmetics & Accessories Store Bali, Jl. Ngurah Rai No.28 (Bali)
38. Mutiara Permai Bali, Jl. Raya Sesetan Banjar Lantang Bejuh No.188 (Bali)

Can I send the beauty waste without having to go to the Emina store?

Of course, Bestie! You can directly visit Emina page in Lyfe With Less page by clicking the ‘Join The Action’ button at the top of the FAQ section. Later on, you can directly visit the page, or follow these steps:
1. Make sure you already #PakaiSampaiHabis your beauty product without the remaining residue or liquid
2. Cleaned your beauty products with water and soap
3. Don’t forget to dry out the empties so it don’t get damp
4. Check the empties whether it’s already stored in the box and don’t forget to seal the empties
5. Register your empties at . Don’t forget to upload your photo proof of the empty Emina products on the form
6. If you're in Jadetabek, wait for the pick up schedule from the courier who will contact you directly to the registered WhatsApp number
7. If you’re outside Jadetabek, you can send your empties to the registered recycling center partner #PakaiSampaiHabis Collect your Emina's empties as many as you can, and win special prizes from Emina later!

I want to join the Bestie Empties Collection, so how do I do it?

Its easy and simple! Here are the steps:

1. Decide how you will recycle your Emina's empties, whether through drop it or sent it via Lyfe with Less
2. Make sure you already cleaned your Emina empties
3. If you want drop it, you can directly come to Emina selected stores that already provide Beauty Bin. Make sure you fill in your personal data too!
4. If you want to send it, simply visit the Emina Cosmetics page on Lyfe with Less website and fill in your personal data. Lyfe with Less team will contact you soon!
5. Collect as many Emina empties as you can and lucky bestie who collect the most will be the winner and will be announced on March 2022!

So, what are you waiting for? Goodluck Bestie!

How Emina waste management process works?

Bestie, Emina collaborates with external party like Lyfe With Less and Waste4Change to help process your waste into useful and reusable goods. Therefore, this waste collection result will not in vain! So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us in our empties collection competition!

What will Emina do later for the giveback action?

As Emina wants to continue the sustainability act, we are planning to do a collaboration with some of the external party in some areas, from tree donations to coral preservations community. With your help, we will do more interesting and fun act together to spread our awareness to the environment!

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